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Well, I suppose I should give a little introduction here, but since I'm not much for them...I'll keep it simple.  Welcome to my humble site, I hope you'll find something useful here, and if you don't, you're obviously doing something wrong:)  Any requests for additions or improvements are always appreciated.  I'll be continuing to add new things as I think of them.  Hopefully there is a little of everything around here, of course, the place is centered around roguish stuff.  By the way...enjoy your visit!

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UPDATE (09/10/06): After a couple years away, Jerrec has again returned.  Look for more updates in the coming weeks.
(01/27/03): Made numerous additions and updates to the critter guide.  Expect many more in the next few days.
(01/19/03): Made several additions and corrections to the critter guide.  Also made a couple changes to the trap guide.
(01/02/03): Made a few more additions to the verb listing.
(12/23/02): Updated the furniture listing. It was missing all the Ta'Illistim furnishings, thanks to Tsoran for pointing it out.
(12/13/02): Made a few corrections and additions to the verb guide, rearranged links on the guides page and made a few other cosmetic changes.  Also, GP3 updates will be added regularly and I won't be updating this page every time. 
(12/10/02): More GP3 updates made.  Improved the formatting on the page as well, and linked to it under guides.

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