Critter Guide  My own personal listing of all the critters in Elanthia, at least every one I know of.  It's fairly comprehensive and easy to read, at least I hope.

Elanthian Pantheon Listing A complete listing of the gods and goddesses of Elanthia.

Forging Guide A guide to the basics of forging.

GP3 Change Listing A listing of the latest changes for Growing Pains phase III, what they are and what they do, at least what we've been told that is.

Herb Guide  A handy program with a listing of injuries and the herbs used to heal them.

Icemule Critter Chat  A text file of the critter chat held with Sage Marisol in May 2001.

Lock Descriptions  A listing of the descriptions that go with numerical values of locks.

Official Warrior Guild FAQ  Composed by GM Giacomo in April of 1997 when he was Warrior guru.  This guide is also useful for rogues in the guild since much of the information is true in both guilds.

Script Library  A few useful scripts for traveling and guild activities.

Spell List
 A nice and fairly comprehensive guide to all the spells currently available.  I've tried to keep it accurate, but I can't guarantee every spell works like the guide claims.

Verb Guide A guide to verbs that are available and what they do.

Voln Step Guide
 A listing of all of the steps of Voln, as well as the symbols.  The guide does NOT list the answers to the steps, but in some cases may give hints.

Voln Symbol Guide  A listing of all the Voln symbols, what they do, and whether or not they require favor to use.

If using Internet Explorer, to download in Excel format, Right Click on the link, then select Save Target As, and type in the location you want to save it in.

Picking/Disarming Lores  A Microsoft Excel file, designed to help you figure out what your maximum lock and trap abilities are.