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A brief explanation of Elanthian housing:

To join a house, you must have trained at least 5 times.  Each house has specific requirements for joining, which can be viewed on their respective sites.  Each house has a membership fee of some sort.  There is generally an initial initiation fee and may also be a monthly membership fee.  There are many benefits to joining houses in Elanthia, some are actually tangible, while others are not.  Currently, house members get additional locker space, with lockers located within their house.  Several of the houses also have such luxuries as pools, hot tubs, and the like.  Most also have a bar with complimentary refreshments, as well as private tables.  Most are also equipped with a workshop, great for enchanting wizards.  Joining a house should not be based simply on the physical aspects of the house, but rather on the beliefs it stands for.  Each house has a defined mission, and you should find one that fits you.

Current listing of Elanthian Houses:

House of the Rising Phoenix

House Paupers

Silvergate Inn

Twilight Hall

Helden Hall *

House Brigatta

House Sylvanfair

House Sovyn

House Arcane

House Argent Aspis

Obsidian Tower

White Haven

House Chesylcha

Rone Academy

The Coven

NOTE: If a house is not listed here and you feel it should be, by all means drop a note to me, and I'll look into it.

* Houses indicated with an asterisk next to them may not link to the official site, or may link to an old site.  
Their addresses were collected from search engines rather than the official links page.

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